Councillor: Port Dalhousie Ward – 2018

Vote on Monday, October 22, 2018 – Click here for more info.

On Your Side:

  • Promoting the responsible and efficient use of your tax dollars.
  • Being an honest, thoughtful and independent voice for the people of Port Dalhousie Ward and those from across the city.
  • Working diligently to protect and enhance public assets, such as parks, trails, cultural, arts, and recreational facilities.
  • Representing the views of residents in land use planning and in other matters to protect our neighbourhoods.
  • Standing up to ensure the North End receives our rightful share of parks and civic facilities.
  • A strong record supporting the conservation of natural and built heritage.

Committed to:

· Controlling taxes, user rates and fees.

· Maintaining city services and programs.

· Being a strong, articulate and well-informed voice for local citizens.

· Protecting access to the waterfront for everyone.

· Renewing essential local infrastructure such as roads.


· Improving water and air quality.

· Enhancing our parks and preventing the sell-off of public green-space.

· Fighting for full disclosure of information to the public.

· Encouraging growth in jobs by supporting appropriate economic development.


I have not and will not accept campaign money from powerful vested interests.



I will continue to serve the public interest of the people of Port Dalhousie Ward and St. Catharines first and above all else. I firmly believe that all people and institutions ought to be treated fairly and equally.

Have any Questions? We have Answers!

Working For You

  • Representing the views of residents in land use planning decisions and in other matters to protect our neighbourhoods to create a more liveable community.
  • Standing up to ensure that the North End receives its share of parks and civic facilities.
  • A strong record of supporting public access to our waterfront and conservation of heritage.
  • Helped secure funding for new Port Dalhousie Piers.
  • Bringing integrity, insight and experience to the city council chamber.

Bill Burgoyne Memorial Arena

Bill Burgoyne Memorial Arena was built and paid for by community volunteers and then entrusted to the City to operate for the benefit of our citizens. I have vigorously supported upgrades and improvements to this, the only indoor ice rink in the north-end. Numerous...

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Museum Advisory Committee

It has been my privilege to serve on the Museum Advisory Committee for the St. Catharines Museum and Welland Canals Centre. The museum facility and operation is one for which we can all take considerable pride. The museum has transitioned from set admission fees to...

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Greenbelt Pledge!

I'd like to share with you an email I received from the Municipal Leaders for the Greenbelt: Dear Bruce -- Thank you for your signing the Greenbelt Pledge! Municipal Leaders for the Greenbelt greatly appreciates your support for a sustainable and prosperous region. We...

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St. Catharines Councillor joins in call for NPCA audit

City council to debate motion requesting audit tonight Dec 05, 2016 – by Amanda Cheevers – Niagara This Week – St. Catharines ST. CATHARINES — City council could soon join the chorus of Niagara politicians calling for an audit of the Niagara Peninsula Conservation...

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The Williamson family resides in Port Dalhousie Ward. Bruce has deep roots in the community. Bruce’s Grandparents were local lighthouse keepers. Bruce grew up in the North End and is a graduate of Grantham High School and Brock University.